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Core Values – Fun

Core Values – Fun

Why Fun?
We work every day, and we work
hard, so work should be fun!


In general, Fun as a core value really means not taking ourselves too seriously and striving to be light-hearted. Making our buyers feel comfortable in meetings through humor is nearly always a win. The best example of that I can think of is showing up with margaritas to an ECRM post meeting with the buyer. Another good one was shaving a little section of my leg in a meeting.

We want to make our buyers, manufacturers, and fellow employee’s day a little brighter. If you are going to work, you may as well make it as much fun as possible. Laugh at yourself and laugh with your team as much as possible. Bert

I love the fact that one of our core values is “fun!” Our business can be very stressful if you allow it. SO, our team makes it a point to laugh at ourselves and laugh with one another. When I meet with our clients or a buyer, I always try to get them laughing. It helps build relationships and removes the stiffness in a meeting. I have heard it said that laughter is the shortest distance between two people. I have found this to be absolutely true! Waylon