Giving Back – Greater Europe Mission

Giving Back – Greater Europe Mission

For almost 2 years Southern Professionals has helped to support the Imperial family in their European mission field. In 2017, Jeff was a football coach in St. Simons, GA but they felt the call to serve refugees in Europe. He, Stephanie, and their son Michael left their familiar world and set out on God’s call.

Based in Cologne, Germany they work to build relationships and serve others through Greater Europe Mission. Some of the things currently happening with the Imperials are:

• Jeff is teaching English a few hours weekly
• They are working on establishing a coffee truck business company as a way to serve others. Jeff has been working a few hours weekly at a non-profit café ministry in a local neighborhood to learn coffee culture and German coffee lingo.

Der Tisch im Park – Notes from Jeff’s latest newsletter

A couple months ago we began taking coffee, tea, cold drinks, and a variety of baked goods to a park area near their neighborhood. We call it “The Table in the Park,” in German of course. We have met many people and have created several bonds through this ministry. When people ask us why we are doing this, we respond that we follow Jesus, and that we believe we are to love and serve our neighbors. Through that sometimes the door opens to further conversation about
Jesus. Mostly people appreciate the gift and kindness.

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