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Giving Back – Serenade Heights

Giving Back – Serenade Heights

This issue we will spotlight on a local Georgia charity that Southern Professionals has been supporting for several years.

Serenade Heights is a supportive transitional housing alternative for single mother families designed to service the Cherokee County, Georgia area by offering safe transitional housing for a single mother to live while she is being coached and mentored.

Serenade Heights is focused on helping a single mom move from the home she can’t afford any longer or her state of homelessness, into a safe place for her family to live while she is being mentored through specific processes that will help her learn how to get into a better paying job, how to make and manage a budget, and ultimately get her to a place where she can afford to live and support her children on her own.

Through individualized programs that are targeted specifically for this type of family, the goal is to assist single mothers as they begin to rebuild a successful life through achieving self sufficiency economically, educationally, and spiritually through mentoring.

So, where does Southern Professionals fit in? To place a mother into a home they have to have the financial support to rent a home for the mother. Southern Professionals pays the rent on that home every month of the year, enabling a family to be in the program. This changes the life of that mother and her children.

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